Rosemary Leith Leads Discussions on Internet Security at the World Economic Forum Global Summit

Rosemary Leith, founding Director of the Web Foundation, led discussions on Internet security and its role in global governance at the World Economic Forum Summit on the Global Agenda, held in Abu Dhabi earlier this week.  The Summit brought together more than 800  influential thought leaders to address the most pressing global challenges.  Not surprisingly, the economy and governance were at the top of the list.

Ms. Leith chairs the Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Internet Security.  In Abu Dhabi, the Council focused its attention on security and privacy challenges that pose threats to our world; a world increasingly dependent upon the Internet and Web. Specific topics on the table included how to manage Internet security among global stakeholders, as well as cybercrime and control of personal data.

Ms. Leith also spoke on a plenary panel, where she presented the case that digital governance is an issue that will affect how governments work in the future.  We need to rethink our current models of governance, and consider how a more open government can engage and serve the public much more effectively than current paradigms.

Earlier this year, the Forum launched a Risk Response Network (RRN) to “provide private and public sector leadership with an independent platform to better monitor, prepare for, respond to and mitigate global and systemic risks”. Ms. Leith’s group is working to ensure that issues and ideas around Internet security and privacy are integrated into the RRN.

Recommendations from all of the Global Agenda Councils meeting in Abu Dhabi will help shape the agenda for the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2012, as well as feed into upcoming G20 consultations and meetings.

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