Animation on Web Foundation’s Mission: What Do You Think?

Please give us your impression of this 3 minute animation (text of script, animation on Vimeo, YouTube, .mp4 file), which aims to summarize the vision and efforts of the World Wide Web Foundation.  Forward the link to your friends and family, too, so we can get a good range of opinions.  To illustrate some of the challenges and solutions in reaching our vision, we refer to the work we are doing and planning to do in Africa to empower farmers through the Web – Web-alliance for Regreening in Africa (W4RA) (many, many thanks to our funder and partner, VU University, Amsterdam, and our other partners in W4RA, for their support in this particular initiative!).

Please comment on the animation by submitting comments through this blog post.  What message did you hear?  What are your thoughts and feelings about that message? Was the animation compelling?  What about the music and captioning?  What would YOU change to more effectively convey the barriers that block the Web from being a true value all people on the planet, as well as the efforts needed to remove these barriers?

Kudos to Craig Heintzman who oversaw the project, to CP+B for the pro-bono work on the concept and script, and Tendril Design+Animation.

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