Video: Tim Berners-Lee on Separation, Standardization, Openness, Neutrality Across the Net

Tim Berners-Lee gave a talk (see video above) in the Brussels, Belgium on 16 March to people from the European Union, industry and press.  He conveyed the motivation for the creation of the Web, for open Web standards, and for the creation of the Web Science Trust and the World Wide Web Foundation.

Tim also discussed the importance of enabling people in developing countries to more easily provide and access information, and the need to ensure separation, standardization, openness and neutrality across layers of technology stack that support the Web.  The principles that have made the Web a success up to now are critical for the Web’s future success and value to all of humanity.  I recorded the video from the back of the room, so apologies for the poor sound quality.

Tim and I were in Brussels at that time, in part to receive a grant from Vodafone. The grant will fund a project to empower entrepreneurs in Africa to create content relevant to others in the region.

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