20th Anniversary of the Proposal for the Web

On 13 March 2009 CERN marks the 20th anniversary of a document by Tim Berners-Lee — entitled, “Information Management : a Proposal” — describing what would become the World World Wide Web. A schedule for the celebration includes a keynote by Tim. I hope you have a chance to follow some of this via the planned Webcast.

I smile every time I am reminded of the comment that Tim’s boss, Mike Sendall, wrote on Tim’s proposal for the Web: “Vague, but exciting” :)

History leading up to and following Tim’s proposal is recapped on the W3C and CERN sites.

I will take a moment on this day to be thankful for Tim’s gift to the world, and for the stewardship that the World Wide Web Consortium and broader Web community have provided to ensure the creative and responsible development of what is arguably the most powerful communications medium the world has ever known. And there is still much more to do …

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