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Quiz – Match the Critter with the Name

People frequently say that our dog looks like any variety of real and fictitious beings.  See if you can match the pictures with their names. I know, it’s tough :)   Post your answers in the comment section …

Milo, Wolfman, Lamb, Bear Cub


OSCON 2012: My Head’s in the Clouds

OSCON 2012

Last week, I traveled to beautiful, funky Portland, Oregon for OSCON 2012, O’Reilly Media’s annual gathering of open source geeks and gurus.  They involved a record crowd — roughly 3,000 registrants.  I felt quite at home, and enjoyed seeing a few old friends who straddle the worlds of open standards and open source. Most of my time was invested in talking to people about “The Cloud” and OpenStack.  Read on  …

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Year Up: Preparing Urban, Young Adults to Get Down to Business

Following my talk on life and the Web

The Year Up program’s “About” page says that they aim to, “… close the opportunity divide by providing urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education.”  After meeting a number of students and staff at their Boston campus last Friday …  I’m sold. Here’s the short story …

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