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Empower People

We envision a Web that empowers all people, including billions excluded today, by providing new opportunities for creativity, collaboration, teaching, learning, enterprise and a better life. To reach this goal, the Web Foundation will put the power of the Web into the hands of people around the world through effective, high-impact programs.

The Foundation works to remove barriers to creating and consuming Web content, accelerate growth of the Web, understand how the Web works, advance Web technology, and ensure a free and open Web that empowers people to bring about social and economic change.

Video: Exploration, Launch, Farmers, Entrepreneurs

This video..

.. captures static pictures from:

* Exploratory visits to Ghana, Kenya and Uganda by Tim Berners-Lee and colleagues (2008-2009)
* Web Foundation launch, Egypt (Nov 2009)
* Web for Agriculture Initiative, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali (2010-2011)
* Mobile Entrepreneurs Initiative, Ghana (2011)

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Web Index

The Web is young. We do not fully comprehend how this complex and expanding Web of “humanity connected by technology” really works. This is a risk to the creative, yet responsible, evolution of the Web.

The Web Index aims to improve understanding of the Web’s complex nature, and help Web scientists, companies and governments invest in ways that make the Web even more capable and valuable in the future.