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A Better Web for a Better Society

We have been busy preparing for the “launch” of the Web Foundation. Though much of that work is not programmatic, I thought you might be interested in an 3-page article written by Tim Berners-Lee, Daniel Dardailler and I, summarizing the vision, challenges, opportunities and program plans for the Web and the Web Foundation:

A Better Web for a Better Society

The article was accepted as part of a key report to the July 2009 G8 Summit in Italy, and extracted onto our site with permission from the editors at the G8 Research Group at the University of Toronto (thank Madeline and John!)

In the time since this article was originally drafted, we have made significant progress in developing what we believe strongly will be unique and high-impact programs. In any case, I’d be interested in your feedback regarding whether or not the vision that is conveyed in these 3 pages resonates with you, and how it could be sharpened.

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